Mara Repetto

Based in Salt Lake City, UT

My wanderlust lifestyle is the source of my inspiration. Everything I see, feel and experience contributes to the depth of my work. The feel of the sun on my face or the rain on my back, the color of the sky at morning or sunset, the fragrance of the plants blooming in season, are all the environmental influences that help me to create. My art is a representation of my favorite places that live on my skin and mind. 

As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that reflect a celebration of the cheerful aspects of life.



Recent Exhibitions:

2019 Painting placement at Polaroid Global HQ, Amsterdam


2019 Art Exhibition, Prospect Gallery, Park City, Utah.


2017 “Love Louder” , Group exhibition, Utah.


2016 Art Adoption , Signed & Numbered, Salt Lake City, Utah.


2016 “The Figure Show” , Gallery Stroll, Art 270 Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah.


2016 The face off show" Gallery Stroll, Art 270 Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah.


2015 ”Art Adoption" , PhotoCollective Studios, Salt Lake City, Utah.